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Pointers on How to Prepare for Marriage

There are many things you can do now in preparation for your future marriage. With or without a serious relationship, it matters not. The earlier you start working on yourself, the better.

Below are five steps that will put you on the right track:

Look into your habits.

Do you have habits can become a cause of conflict with your soon-to-be spouse? For instance, do you have poor time management skills, or do you typically leave your dirty laundry lying around? If you’re unsure which habits need to be addressed, ask for honest feedback from those who are close to you. But let them talk freely without fear of offending you. Enhance your conflict resolution methods. Take advantage of your single years in terms of defining your conflict resolution style and adjusting it where necessary. Try to recall the last two or three conflicts you’ve had to deal with. How did you respond to them? Do you think you could have done anything differently?

Be more forgiving of yourself.

No one is perfect, including you, so learn to laugh at yourself. Start with those small mistakes, like misplacing your car keys or mispronouncing certain words. Instead of berating yourself, half a good laugh about it and move on. Accepting yourself 100{ca3f239331562c6ca9aaa06af6a7565c0843501f485dbb776a7cc5ce78a765dc} is not only liberating but quite attractive too.

Find servanthood opportunities.

The strongest marriages are those made up of individuals who are ready to sacrifice for each other. During your single years, start cultivating a sense of servanthood. Find opportunities that let you be of service to your church and community. This could mean helping an elderly neighbor pick up some groceries, taking part in outreach programs, or babysitting for a struggling single mom at zero cost. When you start early with servanthood, it will become a natural part of you when you’re married.

Have a friend inventory.

Finally, It’s important that you have friends who will support you and encourage you to become a good spouse one day. A quick friendship inventory will let you know if you have that kind of friends. Start by asking yourself three questions. One, do they value marriage? Two, do they respect people of the opposite gender? Three, are they honest enough to tell you my flaws? Maybe they don’t know how they’re coming across. If you tell them that you need and value their support in some parts of your life, they may happily give it to you. Remember, choosing your friends is not a mistake. There’s no wrong in wanting to be with people who can help you shape a better life.

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