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Lady-like, worldly and impossibly glamorous, Madame Gina from the 1992 Studio Ghibli gem Porco Rosso makes an indelible impression as a sophisticate with a surprisingly warm streak. Her Hotel Adriano functions as a refuge for weary fighter pilots – chief amongst them the titular porcine hero, whom she has known since girlhood. Despite her ladylike demeanor, Gina is no wallflower. Over the course of the movie, we see her rejecting an obnoxious suitor by referring to him as a “child,” piloting a plane across the sea alone, and calming down rowdy crowds with a choice word or two. In the politically turbulent world the story is set in, she evokes bygone glamor while also pushing against convention. Her wardrobe, which straddles the fine line between full-blown romanticism and sleek modernism, reflects this perfectly.

Every single look Gina dons is iconic. She first appears on stage singing opera, dressed in a simple black slip dress with a daring V-neck that wouldn’t be out of place at a cocktail bar today. Later, we catch a glimpse of her in a carefree, beribboned flapper dress accessorized with a matching cloche hat, the vision of 30s-era chic. In a pivotal garden scene, she evokes pure sophistication in a sumptuous, structured dress with My Fair Lady vibes: wide lapels, puff sleeves and full skirts, topped by a wide-brimmed, floppy hat. Deviating from doll-like glamor in her final scenes, she first appears in a sailor top and flowing navy blue pants before making her exit in a lavender coat and yellow scarf, her iconic bob hidden by a vintage fighter pilot hat. Through it all, she’s on her accessorizing A-game, pairing her sleek wardrobe with simple but impactful jewelry in shades of gold and amethyst. As befitting a character whose elegance is her calling card, her makeup is impeccable in every scene – rosy lips, pops of cyan eye shadow, and glowing cheeks.

All film stills taken from Porco Rosso

Madame Gina’s Take on Vintage Glam

This time, I explore a number of style options inspired by four of Gina’s signature looks and her classy jewelry collection. From variations on the little black dress to nautical-themed outfits to retro headwear, we have you covered!

1. The Little Black Dress

For a simple yet sultry look, invest in that trusty party staple: the LBD. For retro Hollywood vibes, go for this spaghetti strap satin midi mermaid dress that hits at the calves. If you’re looking for a less slinky alternative that still oozes sex appeal, try this flirtatiously-cut A-line midi dress with a fitted bodice and an open-back design. Going for weekend casual rather than red carpet ingénue? This long bodycon dress in a ribbed, stretchy fabrication will come in handy. Add statement gold-toned jewelry or diamante lettering barrettes for edge and glamor.

2. Flapper Essentials

Loosely inspired by Gina’s flapper ensemble but rendered in a pastel palette, this outfit is anchored by a loose-fit, sleeveless dress with a dropped waist and a tiered, ruffled hem. Keep things clean, simple but girlish with a beribboned cloche hat that’s straight out of a vintage fashion magazine, and complete the look with a boxy handbag embroidered with whimsical florals and embellished with a polka-dot bow.

3. Porcelain Doll Glamor

Go all-out luxe by styling a sheer, puff-sleeve blouse in cream with a long belted mermaid skirt in a similar shade. If you feel this ensemble is too “ladies who lunch,” add a straw hat such as this one, which features a single faux pearl dangling from a slender ribbon for a debonair touch. Keep the bling to a minimum with simple stacked rings, slender gold-toned necklaces and sparkly stud earrings.

4. Nautical Chic

Gina opts for grown-up sophistication by pairing her sailor top with matching dress pants. I decided to put a spin on this tried-and-true style. For a hyper-feminine yet demure take on the original, go for this classic midi dress with a sailor collar, ruffled cuffs and full skirt. Keen to show a bit more leg? Then pair a simple sailor top with a matching pleated mini for naughty schoolgirl vibes. If you’re looking for a fun, postmodern interpretation of the trend, then this cream and mint knit top with an oversized sailor collar might just strike your fancy.

5. Bold Yet Refined Jewelry

Taking a page from Gina’s signature jewelry, I’ve chosen three versatile pieces that will fit a modern sophisticate. First, go bold with these dangling disc earrings, which come with a glossy finish and a slightly hammered, distinctively molten effect. On the subtler end of things are these dreamy specimens in teardrop-shaped violet rhinestones. For a shot of unadulterated luxe, further accessorize with a slender golden necklace featuring a freshwater pearl pendant suspended from a circular, gold-tone charm.

The Sophisticate with a Heart of Gold

In a world of macho, posturing men, Madame Gina stands out with her poise and feminine charm. But she’s no mannequin – beneath the surface allure lies a feisty spirit and a heart of gold. Sophisticated but never stuck-up, she’s a true tonic for a world in flux – a welcome friend to both heroes and outsiders, and an enduring guide on how to stay perfectly coiffed and exquisitely dressed through every crisis.

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