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Regina George needs no introduction. Bursting onto the screen in the 2004 teen comedy Mean Girls, Regina’s golden looks, winning smile and toxic personality have made her the definitive model for an enduring high school archetype – the queen bee who’s basically a bully in a mini skirt. Ruling over popular trio The Plastics with arcane fashion rules like “ponytails only allowed once a week” and “no tank tops for two days in a row,” she is finally brought low by newcomer Cady, who infiltrates the trio and upends the queen bee in terms of popularity. Repentant by the movie’s end, Regina finds her wardrobe undergoing a subtle change – from a succession of preppy, sugary, sexy outfits to more low-key ensembles befitting a newly humble personality.

“Mean Girl” Style as Defined by Regina George

Over-the-top girly, Regina’s signature look can be broken down into three main elements: tight-fitting top, thigh-skimming mini and heeled pumps, all exquisitely coordinated in variant shades of pink. It’s a winning formula primed to show off her perfect figure, and she stays true to it for most of the movie, give or take the occasional tweak – a crisp, fitted pink shirt instead of a diamante-studded slogan tee, a pleated plaid mini instead of a flared velvet one, a pink bomber jacket thrown casually over her tee of the day. Straddling the fine line between ultra-luxe and outright flashy, she accessorizes these outfits with turn-of-the-millennium teen-girl favorites like sparkly name necklaces, sterling silver hoops and compact designer handbags. We also see her strutting about in a sexy, Playboy Bunny-esque Halloween costume, a sleek satin prom dress she can’t quite fit into, and that other period staple, the velour tracksuit. As the drama winds down, though, she’s swapped her camis and minis for relaxed-fit tops, comfortable bottoms and even lacrosse uniforms, signifying a change of heart for our evil teen queen.

Regina in all her finery (Film stills below taken from Mean Girls)

On the road to redemption (Film stills below taken from Mean Girls)

Girl World, Redux

What would Regina wear today had she been given free rein over the YesStyle selection? Would she go full-on preppy, ride the athleisure trend, or venture into quirkier, grungier territories? Let’s explore!

1. Pretty in Pink

For this ensemble, I’ve gone for a pale pink palette, punctuated by odd bursts of gold and burgundy. Although Regina’s look is high on Barbie-doll glamor, it’s also free of cutesy touches like ruffles, ribboning and ruching, so I’ve kept things relatively clean and classic. The square-neck ribbed top in salmon pink is right up our teen queen’s alley, combining a snug fit with a sexy neckline. Tuck this into a pale pink pencil mini that’s equal parts sass and elegance, another nod to Regina’s signature schoolday look. Match with block-heel strappy pumps in a slightly rosier shade of pink for a grown-up touch. For jewelry, swap her name necklace – no longer the height of fashion – with this gold-tone specimen featuring a bow-and-arrow charm dangling from a vintage-style golden locket. It’s full of romantic allusions while also oozing faux innocent vibes. Before completing the outfit with a quilted, high-fashion shoulder bag fitted with chain straps and a heart-shaped buckle, remember to pamper your lips with a lightweight but plumping lip gloss in the most retro of shades – pale pink. It’s a subtle antidote to the fiery matte formulations flooding your IG feed, and will remind you of all your favorite teen comedy heroines (and villains).

2. Low-Key Glamor Girl

Taking inspiration from Regina’s fashion evolution, this second ensemble opens up the palette to more muted colors while preserving its “girl world” spirit. I’ve chosen to anchor the outfit in a soft beige cotton-blend tee that’s form-fitting without being skintight, and emblazoned with “Babygirl” lettering. Black velour yoga pants amp up the casual weekend vibes. If there’s anyone who could get behind the current athleisure trend with enthusiasm, it would be Regina! To elevate the outfit, opt for high-glamor accessories, like these golden hoop earrings with a slightly hammered effect, or this gold-tone adjustable bracelet with a rhinestone-studded heart embellishment in rainbow colors. Looking for extra sparkle, but don’t want to go for glittery sneakers or ballet flats? These sequined mules will do the trick, while still being low-key enough to fit the relaxed vibes of the ensemble. Finally, tie the whole look together with a baby-pink faux leather backpack, which comes conveniently with a flap closure and external zip-up compartments. It’s a reminder that in Regina’s world, pink still rules.

Go Glam, Think Pink

Whether you see Regina George as a teenage dream, “evil in human form” or the poster girl for redemption, at every stage in her transformation, she is fabulously dressed. She’d be the first to admit that there are better role models than her when it comes to ethics, but when it comes to stepping out in enviable style, her wardrobe has us covered! For a dose of in-your-face glam, look to this fashion icon for guidance on what’s fetch – and what’s not.