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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF October 19 – 2 5, 2020

Don’t give your power away, Taurus—that’s not a likely scenario, but still, worth a mention. This Monday, October 19, motivational Mars—in low-power retrograde in your sleepy twelfth house—forms a rare clash with expander Jupiter on home turf in your philosophical ninth house. You could fall under the spell of a charismatic leader or guru type. Even if you’re convinced they have useful information or insights, don’t take it as gospel truth—or confuse their teachings or knowledge with their personality. Listen, absorb, react—but make sure whatever you do bears your own stamp. Under the influence of a Jupiter-Mars (retrograde) square, your critical thinking might be a little hazy, or you could be seeing them through a rosy filter. Think twice before you prop anyone up on a pedestal and maybe conduct some due diligence about their agenda. It’s not that you need to be paranoid, Bull; just keep a healthy sense of skepticism in place, being especially mindful about obvious imbalances of power dynamics. Actually, this is a smart approach to take with any person or situation you aren’t 100 perfect familiar with. There’s a reason “better safe than sorry” is such a common expression!

The week’s headlines, however, get dominated by your ruler, sensual and charismatic Venus, who’s wrapping up her monthlong visit to Virgo and your amorous fifth house. From Monday through Saturday, she will ping three planets in harmonious 90-degree angles (all of them in Capricorn and your expansive ninth house). First up is auspicious Jupiter, followed by game-changer Pluto and finally structured Saturn. So, what kind of changes are you hoping to bring to your romantic life? As a steadfast Bull, you’re not the most experimental creature in the game of love. But with Venus casting a bewitching spell under these skies, the right person or situation could open you up to a little stretching. Attached? This could be the time you say yes to one of bae’s more adventurous suggestions. Single? Deliberately say yes (or swipe right) to someone who’s a distinct deviation from your usual type. This doesn’t mean throw caution to the wind (not your style anyway); just keep a way more open mind!

But the day you’ve been waiting for—whether you knew it or not—is Thursday, when the blazing Sun leaves your hard-working, health-focused sixth house after four weeks of helping you “clean house” and enters Scorpio and your realm of committed partnerships. That should be music to your Taurus ears! For starters, Scorpio season is all about sultry interactions and deep bonding. And for you, with your relationship house lit up, you can get any stalled or stuck alliances back into the cruising lane. Professional and creative collaborations will spark with synergistic energy again while romantic connections can really sizzle. Been keeping some juicy fantasies or desires to yourself? It’s time to let ‘em out of the closet, Taurus—and maybe ask bae what they’ve got secreted away!

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