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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that villains get the most arresting wardrobes, especially in Disney movies. While the good girls sail towards happy endings in ribbons, tiaras and pastel-colored gowns, the baddies live it up in bold, jazzy colors and unapologetically flashy style – until they meet their ends. Here, we celebrate our favorite antagonists’ aesthetics from across the Disney canon.

Meet the original evil stepmom: the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. So jealous of her stepdaughter’s beauty that she repeatedly tries to kill her in order to become “the fairest in the land,” the Evil Queen is ruthless, vain and way more stylish than the hapless Snow White. Her two-toned, medieval-style purple gown, coupled with that hooded black cape with its famous stand-up collar, exudes mystery and power, not to mention haute couture vibes. Let’s not forget her talent for accessorizing – the wide red belt, the disc pendant and, of course, that golden crown! The Queen’s presence is so powerful that it’s a shocker to remember that she actually gets less than 15 minutes of screen time in the movie.

Cruella de Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmatians needs no introduction. While her fur-loving ways and “dognapping” instincts are wildly deplorable, her vampy wardrobe in a palette of red, black and white remains a treasure trove of fashion inspo. From her slinky LBD, sky-high heels and two-toned bob, to those flashy, silk-lined furs, Cruella is all about creating maximum impact. Cruella proves that living large and going extra is the only way to establish your Disney villainess credentials.

All smooth talk and shady intentions, voodoo “master” Dr. Facilier (a.k.a. The Shadow Man) from The Princess and the Frog is always impeccably decked out. His richly colored, dandyish outfit includes a purple crop top and a burgundy tailcoat, accessorized with a top hat, tooth charm necklace and tap-dancing shoes. Now that’s a statement-making ensemble! In a movie filled with pastel tones and happily-ever-afters, his style is a refreshing shot of edginess and utmost villainy.

Here, we update these characters’ darkly delicious wardrobes – the YesStyle way!

1. Grandeur and Hauteur – the Evil Queen’s Goth Luxe

Recall the black, purple and gold palette of the Evil Queen’s signature look with this royal ensemble dripping with both medieval vibes and uptown sophistication. A sumptuous black velvet dress with a lace-trimmed collar and cuffs anchors the look. Pair with a long, swishy woollen coat in eye-catching purple, flipping the color scheme of the Queen’s outfit on its head. For accessories, go for a cloche hat in bright yellow, a quilted shoulder bag in burgundy, and a gold-toned necklace with a shiny, heavyweight pendant to echo the red and gold accents in the Queen’s get-up. Seal those villainous vibes by slipping into these witchy lace-up boots with gothic appeal!

2. Heavy on the (Faux) Fur – Cruella’s High-Octane Glam

Stay faithful to the hard-edged glam of Cruella’s signature get-up with this fresher, sexier but equally OTT interpretation. Opt for a black bodycon mini dress with daring side slits, matched with your favorite faux fur coat in ivory, which was created without harming a single dalmatian. Emulate Cruella’s shaggy black-and-white bob with this zebra-print bucket hat, and in lieu of our villain’s blue-green cocktail ring, go for stackable golden versions embellished with turquoise and rhinestones. If you’re still feeling a bit underdressed and underpowered, slip into these sky-high red stilettos in faux patent leather. Finally, a slick of vampy red nail polish will have you feeling your vitriolic best!

3 .Malicious Magic – Dr. Facilier’s Voodoo-Tinged Dandyism

Capture the good doctor’s louche, debonair ways with this take on his street-style dandy ensemble, which switches up the original’s plum and burgundy tones with dramatic black and violet colors instead. A decadent-looking velvet shirt, complete with tie detail, is paired with tailored dress pants and a double-breasted trench coat punkishly embellished with zippers. Extend the flamboyance with a black baseball cap channelling heavy metal vibes before slipping on white penny loafers that are in keeping with the doctor’s smooth-talking persona! Save the best for last with this wolf’s tooth necklace in white and gold tones, a riff on Dr. Facilier’s simple but sinister version.

The Bad and the Bold

Now you’ve got a starter pack on how to build a show-stopping wardrobe worthy of a classic Disney villain! Embrace adventure by donning darker and richer colors, edgier tailoring and more seductive styles. Your inner princess (or nice guy) will thank you for taking their wardrobes in unexpected directions!

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