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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF October

October Snapshot
You’re in demand this month, Sagittarius! With the Sun in Libra and your eleventh house of group activity until Thursday, October 22, you’ll bring steam to any team. Few signs can rally the troops like you, Archer, and this month, your cheerleading efforts are needed more than ever. It’s no secret that morale is in short supply after a tough 2020. Somehow, your optimistic sign manages to find enough ebullience and contagious enthusiasm for others, even if you have to dig deep for it.

October is definitely hectic in the heavens, so your resilience will come in handy. It’s a “blue moon” month, bookended by a rare pair of full moons—and the second one’s on Halloween. Exciting news, and possibly some big changes to your day-to-day lifestyle, await!

Another curveball comes your way on Tuesday, October 13, when Mercury—the planet of tecclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” hnology, communication and travel—turns retrograde until November 3. Your thoughts could become as foggy as pea soup when the mental planet reverses in Scorpio and your twelfth house of rest and release. You can finally find resolution with a person or issue that’s been a source of struggle—or you might just cut ‘em loose.

If you find yourself more tired or unfocused than usual, that’s okay. This is an excellent time for journaling, creative right-brained work or even a deep dive into forgiveness. On October 27, Mercury will back into Libra and your technology and collaboration sector for the duration of the retrograde

Has money been funny? On Sunday, October 4, intensifying Pluto will wrap up a five-month retrograde through Capricorn and your finance sector, helping to stabilize your bottom line. With expansive Jupiter and ambitious Saturn also powering through Capricorn until late 2020, you’ve got two months to hit the ground running!

Tend to your wellbeing when the Sun moves into Scorpio and your restorative twelfth house on Thursday, October 22. Now’s your chance to finish whatever you don’t want to bring into the next year of your life. When Sagittarius season kicks off on November 21, you’ll have a clean slate!

Speaking of “clean,” the Halloween full moon lands in Taurus and your sixth house of health and wellness. Traveling side by side with revolutionary Uranus, this lunar lift could inspire you to revamp your eating habits, exercise and overall health and happiness!

Week 1: October 1-11
Passion ignites at the full moon

The month begins with a surge of energy. On Thursday, October 1, the only Aries full moon of the year sends white-hot energy through your fifth house of passion and self-expression. All eyes could be on you today as this lunar lift serves you an extra dose of attention—even celebrity status.

A romance could heat up under this amorous moon dance. Feel like charging ahead in pursuit of your passion? Look back to the Aries new moon of March 24 for hints about today’s strong desire for lusty adventure. If your existing relationship catches the wave of these fertile moonbeams, babymaking is a distinct possibility. On the work front, this full moon might just herald the birth of a co-created artistic project.

Money momentum intensifies on Sunday, October 4, when metamorphic Pluto ends a five-month retrograde through Capricorn and your earnings zone that began on April 25. For the past five months, you may have struggled with limiting beliefs around finances. Now’s the time to revisit some of your bigger, bolder ideas about how to generate more cash.

No need to fret over lost opportunities. All the mulling over money you’ve done since April is now ready to be acted on. Pluto will get a boost from your ruler, expansive Jupiter, as well as from steady Saturn in thrifty Capricorn until nearly the end of the year. You could finish 2020 with a powerful breakthrough around your finances—yep, even during these uncertain times.

But don’t rush into anything too quickly. If money comes in, hold on instead of spending it all in one place. On Friday, October 9, Pluto will lock into a tense standoff with rash Mars, which is now retrograde in your fifth house of creativity and passion. As these two volatile planets square each other, they’ll repeat a conflict that occurred on August 13. Look back a couple months to see what could be coming to a head now.

Are you struggling to focus on the work at hand? With Mars retrograde in your fun zone, you’re craving playtime but could feel limited by all the responsibilities that come with new moneymaking opportunities. If you’re not seeing eye-to-eye with a client or employer, aim for balance, not total victory. See if you can find common ground before cutting the cord for good.

Week 2: October 12-18
Skeletons in the closet

It’s not Halloween yet—but is your past coming back to haunt you? On Tuesday, October 13, communicator Mercury turns retrograde (backward) until November 3. And for the first two weeks (through Tuesday, October 27), it will reverse through Scorpio and your twelfth house of closure, endings and healing. If you’ve swept some proverbial skeletons into the closet, they could come tumbling out for you to deal with now.

On the upside, with Mercury doing a backspin in your most emotional and healing zone, your subconscious is ready to go to work. Pay close attention to dreams, passing thoughts that feel “guided” and whatever your imagination throws your way. If your Spidey senses start to tingle, tune in! Ready to toss out an old grudge? This Mercury retrograde period is an excellent time for forgiveness work or to heal from your past.

Chances are strong you won’t have to face your demons alone since the year’s only Libra new moon brightens your teamwork zone on Friday, October 16. Even you, the zodiac’s rugged individualist, understand the value of having a rock-solid crew. And this annual new moon in your collaborative eleventh house sets the stage for a promising squad effort that grows more visible and viable over the coming six months. Get a buzz started on social media, whether you’re casting for new members of the Sag squad or surveying friends and followers for feedback on your nascent ideas.

But don’t be too quick to set those feel-good group goals. First, crunch a few numbers and think through a plan. With this friendly new moon forming an adversarial angle to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (all in Capricorn and your work zone), you may find yourself carrying more than your fair share financially or effort-wise. While it’s nice to have everyone getting along and vibing, a democratic approach only works when everyone pulls their weight. Map out a fair budget and schedule before you start rallying the troops.

Week 3: 19-25
Slow down for self-care

Overload! Your ruler, over-the-top Jupiter, gets into its second cosmic clash of the year with headstrong Mars on Monday, October 19. Look back to August 13 since these two impulsive and impatient planets are locked into the same heated square as a couple months ago.

Mars is retrograde in your fifth house of passion and expression, which is already setting your temper on edge. But resist the urge to self-soothe by overindulging—even if the harsh beam from Jupiter in your financial district leaves you with a tab you don’t want to pay. Your love life could be disrupted by friction over finances or stress from day-to-day demands.

At work, someone with an outsized ego might make everyone’s life miserable if given free reign. Steer clear of this person instead of getting roped into their histrionics. (And make sure you’re not the one putting on the show!)

It’s time to retreat on Thursday, October 22, as the Sun enters Scorclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” pio and your twelfth house of rest, healing and closure. Check out a site like the Free Mindfulness Project for resources, including live guided meditations, to help you get centered and embrace a slower pace. This is not a time to tackle anything new. Instead, focus on finishing up what you’ve started and clearing the decks for Sagittarius season, which begins on November 21.

Week 4: October 26-31
Teamwork trials, healthy Halloween

Is your team losing steam? This week, tread lightly with your crew as Mercury retrograde backs into Libra and your collaborative eleventh house for the duration of its backspin (until Saturday, November 3). Disagreements and creative differences will run rampant. Hold off on launching anything, especially in the digital space, until early next month.

On the plus side, Halloween’s Taurus full moon powers up your organized, hardworking sixth house. If you’re taking a break from challenging group dynamics, get the most from your me-time by giving your workspace (real and virtual) the Marie Kondo decluttering treatment. Choose a trusted colleague to delegate to so you can focus on what’s most important.

Since la luna will be in an exact conjunction with disruptor Uranus (the planet that most strongly embodies the phrase “trick or treat”), a strong dose of the unexpected will accompany these moonbeams. Watch out for sudden stress or a bumpy health moment—and beware of taking on too many responsibilities at once. You could easily get overwhelmed from all the juggling and drop a few balls, or just want to scream with frustration. Call for backup!


Ease off that gas pedal, Archer! Passionate Mars is retrograde in Aries and your fifth house of romance and lusty escapades from September 9 until November 13. True, the red planet is on an extended tour of this too-hot-to-handle zone from June 27 to January 6, but even he needs a bit of a breather until the middle of next month. The takeaway: You should, too! If drama in your love life has overshadowed other priorities or you’re finding yourself getting easily agitated with your romantic partner (and, well, everyone), it’s time to slow down!

During this time of backsliding, an ex might come back into your orbit, or an old bone of contention could flare up. Stay cognizant of what’s going on, Sag. What you don’t want to go mindless when there are big lessons to be learned. This is a time to deal and heal.

You can restore harmony by focusing on common long-term goals while Venus is in Virgo and your future-oriented tenth house from October 2 to 27. Remember what brought you together, what you’re building and what you both want. This humdinger of a year has been challenging to many solid relationships, and a little extra effort will go a long way.

A great day to watch for is October 19, when the “benefics,” Venus (in Virgo) and Jupiter (in Capricorn), swing into a supportive trine. This is a stellar day to reconnect over shared dreams and to do something sensual and a little upscale. Make some long-range plans for the future over a luxe dinner (or make a spread at home and uncork something if you can’t safely go out). Need some fresh air in every sense? Enjoy beatific time in nature.

Friends could become lovers, and vice versa, when Venus eases into Libra and your eleventh house of casual connections and technology from October 27 to November 21. But watch for crossed wires and disrupted connections while Mercury is retrograde in Libra from October 27 to November 3. Don’t be so quick to dismiss someone—or to pronounce them your soulmate—before you get to know them in a variety of situations.

Key Dates:
October 10: Venus-Uranus trine

Mix a little business and pleasure today when Venus bats its lashes at experimental Uranus across your career corners. Open up a conversation about your professional goals with your S.O., trading aspirations and advice. Single? The sixth house rules service, so volunteer for a cause you care about. If you meet someone attractive in the process, you’ll already have one passion in common.


With the Sun in Libra and your eleventh house of group activity until Thursday, October 22, you’re bringing steam to any team. It’s time to cheer up the troops—with the way 2020’s been going, they need it!

On Sunday, October 4, intensifying Pluto will wrap up a five-month retrograde through Capricorn and your finance sector, helping stabilize your bottom line. You’ve got two months to hit the ground running!

On Tuesday, October 13, communicator Mercury turns retrograde (backward) until November 3. If you’ve swept some proverbial skeletons into the closet, they could come tumbling out for you to deal with now. Watch out for crossed signals—and don’t sign any agreements or make big purchases (especially tech purchases!) until early November.

Your ruler, extra-extra Jupiter, gets into its second cosmic clash of the year with headstrong Mars on Monday, October 19. At work, someone with an outsized ego could make everyone’s life miserable. Steer clear of this person—and make sure it isn’t you putting on the show!

Halloween’s Taurus full moon powers up your organized, hardworking sixth house. This is a great opportunity to give your workspace—real and virtual—the Kondo treatment. But with the moon getting a boost from unpredictable Uranus, watch out for sudden stress or a bumpy health moment.

Key Dates:
October 7: Mercury-Uranus opposition

As expressive Mercury faces off with chaotic Uranus, one perfectly innocent comment could send everything sideways. Don’t speak mindlessly today; in fact, it’s best to stay out of discussions until you have all your facts in place. For the time being, just listen and observe. There will be two more Mercury-Uranus oppositions, on October 19 and November 17, which is all the more reason to play it safe.

Love Days: 1, 7
Money Days: 14, 21
Luck Days: 11, 20
Off Days: 4, 9, 18

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