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Libra Weekly Horoscope


In affairs of the heart, keep an open-door policy this Monday, September 28. As your ruler, sensual Venus, makes eyes at her dance partner, lusty Mars, even the most casual interactions could be charged with innuendos. Since Mars is retrograde, a former flame might heat up again—possibly just as you gave up on any hope of things being more than “just friends.” Even if you’re simply being fun and flirty, feeling desired will be a confidence-booster. One day later, you’ll be feeling a bit more traditional, as Mars (in your partnership house) squares off to Saturn in your old-fashioned fourth house, and just as the ringed planet is ending a retrograde that began on May 11. After five months of backing up through Capricorn and your domestic fourth house, grounding Saturn’s about-face restores you to much-needed serenity. While the world’s security has been in flux since May 11, the instability hit close to home for Libras. Whether you were isolated or constantly locking horns with roommates and recalcitrant relatives, Saturn can help you create better conditions under your roof now. Do you need a new set of house rules? An apartment with better lighting to keep your spirits up this winter? Take command, Libra, and reset your space.

Partnerships power up this Thursday, October 1, thanks to the annual full moon in Aries. Whether for business or pleasure, attractions that have been percolating over the past six months might reach a full boil under this lunar light. You may have to lean in to the Aries moon’s forthright energy and take the ram by the horns, especially if “someone” has been a little lacking in the commitment department. And if you don’t get the response you’re hoping for, you’ll have the confidence (and lack of patience) to cut ties and move on. Long-running unions might lunge toward the next big step, whether that’s a shared lease, a key exchange—or an exchange of vows. While full moons illuminate possibilities and can bring major opportunities, you still need to do your part. Be prepared to act on your feelings and vocalize what’s in your heart. No more “too nice to argue Libra,” okay? Clearing the air can open up space for sexy chemistry again.

Your imagination veers to the dreamier end of the spectrum this Friday, October 2, as your ruler, quixotic Venus, flows into Virgo and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house. Between now and October 27, divine downloads will stream in while you’re sleeping or simply staring out the window at the cloud patterns. Be warned: Like Pablo Picasso’s rose period, you’ll see everyone in their brightest, most idyllic light. The ability to draw out hidden potential is one of your gifts, Libra, but fixating on “the good” doesn’t negate the complexities that reside in everyone on the planet. It can be hard for your idealistic sign to accept the imperfection of the human condition. But you need to live through the highs AND the lows before you can realistically determine if someone is worthy of appearing in your Instagram feed. Coupled Libras may feel adrift during this Venus cycle, perhaps due to an unresolved issue you swept under the rug. Instead of stewing in resentment, head straight to couple’s therapy—or your own private session if you know it’s actually YOUR issue. Single Libras may enjoy the luscious liftoff of “new relationship energy.” Try not to get SO swept up in the serotonin surge that you screen out red flags. This is true for every kind of connection, from budding friendships to creative collaborations. People are multifaceted: Can you live with all of it?

Sunday brings another chance to clear up chaos on the home front when Pluto ends a frustrating retrograde that began on April 25. This simmering intensity may have sent shock waves (and possibly a few shady characters) through your domesticity center. Pluto’s pivot can bring clarity about who belongs in your inner circle and who may need an eviction notice. This shift can bring up some big questions about your actual residence. You may be itching to make a move or reconfigure the way space is divided up. Transformational Pluto is the “extreme makeover” planet, so this goes beyond cleaning out junk drawers, Libra. New furniture and room schemes, or a totally different address, may be in the cards while Pluto’s in direct motion over the coming seven months.

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