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Anchored with memorable musical performances and the enduring friendship between the two titular characters, the warm-hearted anime series Carole & Tuesday is all about staying true to your style. Taking place on Mars sometime in the near future, the series pits AI-generated music and celebrity DJs against our two resident dreamchasers, whose authentic, acoustic musical vision – think guitar, keyboard and vocal harmonies – sets them on the unexpected road to stardom. As they navigate a world of over-the-hill record producers, unfriendly pop starlets and increasing media attention, their style evolves but never strays from their respective roots – Carole with her sassy, street-style energy and Tuesday with her girlish, Lolita-lite chic.

The whole series is fuelled by the unlikely chemistry between our two heroines, who embrace radically different styles to complementary effect. Streetwise and forthright Carole’s signature costume is a pair of bright pink dungarees thrown over a white tube top, paired with gold-toned hoops, Timberland boots and a skateboard. She also indulges in sassy separates ranging from striped halter tops and varsity jackets to utilitarian shorts and classic minis. Tuesday’s style, on the other hand, plays to her romantic nature and poor-little-rich-girl front with modestly cut, hyper-femme outfits that are frilled, full-skirted and in a perennial palette of white, pastel pink and baby blue.

Rather than being jarring, their stylistic differences blend beautifully on stage, as do their voices, resulting in one of their early hits The Loneliest Girl. The former refugee who grew up in an orphanage and the teen runaway from a gated community are not so different after all!

I’ve curated a selection of looks that stay true to our heroines’ energies while providing a few twists and tweaks on tried-and-true formulas. Read on for the style inspo!

All film stills taken from Carole & Tuesday

1. Carole’s Take: Carefree Chic with Tomboyish Edge

Combining tomboyish edge with bubblegum colors is a winning formula, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Carole’s signature “uniform.” Pay homage to this iconic ensemble by pairing a smocked tube top in pale pink with your choice of a jumper dress or dungarees – both in attention-grabbing raspberry pink! Accessorize with triple-layered hoops in shiny gold tones, a nod to Carole’s trademark cluster of earrings. Edgy, glamorous yet low-key enough for daily wear, they’re perfect for both hip-hop-infused outfits and for lending a dash of punkish energy to sleeker ensembles. For footwear, why not go for fleece-lined work boots in camel brown? Show them off by rolling up your cuffs in classic Carole style.

Inspired by Carole’s greatest wardrobe hits over the first season, I’ve put together this dramatic yet still carefree outfit that’s faithful to our heroine’s love for sunburst colors as well as her penchant for showing a little skin. First, anchor the outfit with a rainbow-hued cropped cami before contrasting with a pair of khaki cargo shorts oozing utilitarian vibes. In lieu of Carole’s favorite turquoise choker, opt for this fun and flirtatious gold-toned necklace embellished with fluttery butterflies – sweet without being saccharine. Finally, achieve a dramatic, leg-elongating effect with a pair of black knee-high lace-up boots, which provides a tough, uncompromising finish. The result? An outfit that’s equal parts kickass heroine and friendly neighborhood girl – Carole’s persona in a nutshell.

2. Tuesday’s Take: Sugarspun Looks with Feisty Undercurrents

Putting an edgier and more grown-up spin on Tuesday’s signature black-and-white ensemble while preserving its delicate, doll-like vibes, I’ve chosen this ruffled, off-shoulder cropped top in white eyelet lace that radiates sexy Pollyanna vibes. For a sweet yet sophisticated touch, style with a summery white polka dot midi skirt offering just the barest glimpse of the knee, courtesy of a ruffled asymmetrical hem. Keep things in the same ivory palette with these faux pearl dangling earrings featuring intricately beaded, heart-shaped embellishments. Its fairytale vibes are a perfect fit for Tuesday’s “princess” persona. To boost the drama and the Lolita-esque energy, seal the deal with these block-heel, faux leather Mary Janes in black, complete with frill trim and a supersized bow.

Give Tuesday’s retro-chic onstage ensemble a more casual yet still deeply feminine makeover! Layer a frilled, puff-sleeve and beribboned blouse in classic white underneath a mid-length jumper dress in dusty rose. Instead of going for court shoes, Mary Janes or pumps, opt for canvas mules in pale purple. It’ll infuse the outfit with a touch of rebellion that vibes perfectly with the feisty undercurrents in Tuesday’s personality. Jazz things up with vintage-style alligator clips (available in faux tortoiseshell print and unicorn shades), an equally girly substitute for our heroine’s matchy-matchy ribbons and berets.

Dreaming in Unison

Carole’s deliciously colored yet down-to-earth ensembles and Tuesday’s highly wearable Lolita chic might seem worlds apart, but ultimately, they’re united by a similar freshness and lack of pretension. In a world where AI dominates the charts and pop star personas are honed to perfection by manipulative producers, Mars’s new favorite pop artists remain very much mistresses of their own music – and their idiosyncratic wardrobes.

Official poster for Carole & Tuesday


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