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Gemini Daily Horoscope – Free Gemini Horoscope for Today From the AstroTwins

September 19, 2020

Check your side mirrors, Gemini! Someone you think of as an ally might be consciously or inadvertently undermining your efforts—and it may be tricky business putting a stop to this. The fair-minded Libra moon is sailing through your house of creativity and romance, but she’s facing off with feisty Mars in Aries. YOU may see nothing but a string of green lights, but someone else might be secretly setting up a detour that takes you down an entirely different path. And try as you might to blast ahead with your original plan, you can’t seem to make forward progress. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any easier on Sunday, when la luna, now in Scorpio and your house of health and service, runs into a similar 180-degree opposition with unpredictable Uranus in your subterranean twelfth house. This time, either you or another party isn’t even aware of what’s happening to drive a wedge into a relationship or project. The best tack might be to sidestep this for now and revisit it next week, when obstacles are removed.

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