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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF October 12 – 1 8, 2020

Open your heart, but keep your wits about you, Crab. This Tuesday, October 13, Mercury turns retrograde, making a U-turn in Scorpio and your fifth house of romance until October 27—then, backing up through Libra and your domestic zone before correcting course on November 3. An ex could come back into the picture, flooding you with attention, noble gestures and seductive offers. You won’t necessarily be thinking clearly—especially if enough time has passed for you to forget all the reasons this didn’t work out the last time around. This might just be a test from the universe: Will you make better choices now, Cancer? Time is precious. Even if meeting up for a casual coffee walk seems cool, seductive sparks can still be electrifying at six feet apart. Stop trying to outsmart your reptilian brain, Cancer. If there’s even a whiff of a chance that this could bring you back to that painful place you were in before, leave the past where it belongs: behind you! If it’s not an old flame who makes a resurgence, it could be someone who bears a striking resemblance, at least in character. High romance often comes with a crash. Give the slow-and-steadies priority placement on your dance card now. Already spoken for? Drama could disrupt the placid seas of love this week. But rather than paddle away from the painful conversations, drop anchor and work through the issue. These currents are par for the course when you’re dealing with someone else. Deeper exploration can bring you closer, even if your honesty makes waves.

On Friday, October 16, the year’s only Libra new moon fires up your fourth house of home and family, drawing your attention back to base camp. Does the Crab Palace feel like a sweet sanctuary or are you already plotting your sweet escape? Transformation may be imminent under your roof—and that realization could hit you hard near the weekend. This new moon is a testy one, locking into a three-way battle (a T-square) with retrograde Mars in Aries and your success sector plus the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto stellium in Capricorn and your zone of relationships. Do you share space? Irascible Mars could push your patience past its limit, particularly if you’ve found it impossible to get your work done at home, or focus on any sort of productive goals. Negotiating everything from quiet time to household duties may have become an endless series of battles. Or maybe you’ve just held your needs in so long that the people pleaser in you is about to explode! That’s never a pretty sight, not with all the emotions bottled up under your shell. You know the drill: Before you fume to the offending parties, blow off steam with a levelheaded friend who can “hold the cup” while you vent. Cancers living solo may get hit with waves of isolation, or realize that you’d like to make your space more workable for your current needs. Remember that you have six months to manifest whatever arises during this new moon. No need to rush this process—especially while Mercury’s in reverse on November 3. One warm-fuzzy chat with a dear friend might not be grounds for inviting her to be your roommate this winter. And for any home renos, use the rest of the month for researching materials, Pinning ideas and creating mood boards. After November 3, you can take an honest evaluation of light, space and colors (plus measure rooms properly!) before deciding to go modernist sleek or retro chic.

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