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The bad news: Besides UV-induced skin damage, your skin is also susceptible to damage caused by daily exposure to environmental stressors.

The good news: Korean skin care brand BLITHE is here to save and protect your skin from pollution.

Keep reading to learn more about our brand of the month, BLITHE: 


BLITHE conducted a research on the lifestyle of modern women living in big cities, and their findings show that 93% of them believe that their skin has become more sensitive to day-to-day exposure to pollution such as dust, smoke or smog.

BLITHE believes that skin damage and aging are caused by increased exposure to stressful urban environments. To help improve women’s skin, BLITHE came up with a new concept and optimized solution for urban lifestyles called “Anti-Polluaging”, which is a combination of the words “anti” along with “pollution” and “aging”. 


Research for urban women

BLITHE is dedicated to researching the lifestyles of modern women to find new ways to protect skin from the negative effects of pollution. 

Develop products using plant-based ingredients 

The brand’s products are formulated with plant-based ingredients to promote healthy skin, protect the skin from pollution and fight signs of aging. 

Increase the use of extracts and reduce the use of harmful components

BLITHE focuses on maximizing the efficacy of its products by using natural extracts and minimizing the amount of harmful components to reduce the chances of skin irritation. 


BLITHE offers two different skin care lines: the 3-Step Solution Line, which refreshes your skin and helps it recover and recharge, and the Inbetween Line, which helps protect and prep your skin before wearing makeup — perfect if you’re going for a healthy, dewy makeup look!


Image: @blithecosmetic

BLITHE’s 3-Step Solution Line is formulated with the brand’s innovative “Anti-Polluaging” solution and is gentle enough for all skin types. The 3-Step Solution Line is aimed at those living busy lives so you can complete a simple skin care routine with three easy steps: 

Step 1: Patting Splash Mask

BLITHE’s Patting Splash Mask, one of the brand’s bestsellers, isn’t like other face masks. This concentrated liquid mask is formulated with naturally-derived extracts that remove dead skin cells and keep skin nourished. The mask tackles different skin concerns so if you’re interested in tackling all of them at once, try this Patting Splash Mask Mini set.

For radiant skin, go for the Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey option. It’s enriched with natural lemon and honey extracts, which are rich in vitamin C, to promote a brighter complexion. 

If you have acne-prone skin or you’re prone to irritation or redness, the Soothing & Healing Green Tea is the best option for you. It’s packed with green tea extracts and tea tree oil to soothe blemishes, relieve inflammation or redness, and help get rid of impurities.

The Rejuvenating Purple Berry Splash mask is ideal for those looking to improve their skin’s elasticity. Thanks to five different berry extracts, this mask is packed with antioxidants to instantly restore the skin’s firmness, leaving it soft and supple.

Step 2: Vital Treatment

BLITHE’s Vital Treatment is rich in naturally-derived ingredients, such as root, seed and bean extracts, that help even out the skin tone, soften the appearance of fine lines, and deeply hydrate the skin. Take your pick between these three different Vital Treatment essences: Vital Treatment 8 Nourishing Beans, Vital Treatment 5 Energy Roots and Vital Treatment 9 Essential Seeds

Step 3: Pressed Serum

BLITHE’s Pressed Serums are infused with various natural extracts such as apricot, iceplant and tundra chaga mushroom extracts. The Pressed Serum improves the skin’s elasticity and texture for a healthier and younger-looking complexion. It also easily absorbs into skin and provides long-lasting moisture.

Try the Pressed Serum in #Tundra Chaga, #Crystal Iceplant, #Velvet Yam, and the newest addition, #Gold Apricot.  Just like the Patting Splash Mask, you can also try all four different versions of the Pressed Serum with this mini set


Image: @blithecosmetic

BLITHE’s Inbetween Line was created to give you a flawless finish post-makeup application. The collection aims to enhance makeup wear while instantly evening out your skin tone for a visibly smooth complexion.

The line comes with a Makeup Prep Essence, which is one of the brand’s most popular items, and high-performing priming creams. For makeup that looks luminous and flawless, you can’t go wrong with the Inbetween Instant Glowing, Hydro Priming or Tone Correcting Creams.

Differing from the usual primers made of silicone, these priming creams not only prep your skin before makeup but also add radiance, correct your skin tone and deeply hydrate skin. The creams also help control sebum production to prevent your makeup from smudging throughout the day.

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