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Aries Weekly Horoscope


As the week dawns, communication planet Mercury is wrapping up a three-week retrograde, suggesting if you’ve waited this long, you might as well hold out a couple more days before signing on any dotted lines. On top of that, last Tuesday, October 27, the winged messenger slipped back a sign, retreating through Libra and your relationship house before its U-turn this Tuesday, November 3. If you’re trying to firm up a deal, leave no stone (or legal contingency) unturned. It’s hard to imagine, but you don’t want to be sitting in arbitration next year because you unknowingly signed away the rights to your future creations. If possible, wait until after Tuesday (or when the “retroshade” shadow fully passes this November 19) to finalize. If you can’t stall, run the contract or terms by a reputable attorney to pick up on subtleties you might otherwise miss. In business AND romance, a slip of the tongue could spell trouble for a partnership. So continue to reflect and self-edit before shooting from the lip. Since the seventh house rules marriage and exclusive relationships—and Mercury’s been retrograde—you may have heard from a previous flame. If this person reappears before Tuesday, it could be more than a fluke, especially if timing was the primary issue in the past. But if there were deeper problems that divided you, keep your distance—unless for some reason you WANT a painful rematch of the old title fight. Attached? This retrograde can set the stage for a sweet and sentimental stroll down memory lane. Revisit the place you first kissed—or at least the photos; renew your vows or re-engage in an activity you loved doing together back when you first started dating.

If you’ve been playing small or simply not shining your light as brightly as you could/should because you don’t want to “outdo” others, cease and desist! There’s plenty of attention and kudos to go around, Ram, and there’s no way you can “steal” somebody else’s thunder. In fact, when you don’t live up to your outsized potential, you sell yourself short and lose out on an opportunity to inspire others by example. And when you do garner big recognition, you can’t help but have some of it rub off on your nearest and dearest and most supportive people. Watch what happens when you shift from a “lack” mindset to one of abundance this Sunday as a balancing quarter moon in Leo powers up your fifth house of creativity, romance—and fame. This realm also rules risk, and yes, Aries, you might have to take what feels to you like a gamble to pull off a dream. But you’ve been plugging away and putting in 110-percent effort for a while now, and you’ve surely earned some bragging rights. If you’re one of those rare Rams who isn’t comfortable blowing your own horn, either ask someone to spread the word on your behalf or try to see your actions as being a role model. If you’ve been reluctant to assume a more authoritative position, scratch your head to get to the bottom of what’s really holding you back. In this amorous realm, today’s equalizing moonbeams can also lift you out of a romantic rut and pour rocket fuel into your love life. Attached? Pull out the stops and do something sure to wow your sweetie.

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