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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 31 – September 6, 2020

Money moves could pay off this Wednesday, September 2, as the annual full moon in Pisces activates your income zone. Searching for a new source of revenue? Keep your channels open because it could flow in from surprising outlets, perhaps ones that involve your creative talents or healing gifts. This compassionate full moon could illuminate a charity that you want to support by donating a portion of proceeds or raising money online. If your job has been in flux, circulate your resume and ask industry friends to put in a good word. A seismic shift in how you earn your paycheck may be in the cards. Pitch ideas, even to the people you already work for (or with). Everyone’s busy, Aquarius. They’re not necessarily “overlooking” you. Write up a project brief or job description and get the “what’s next?” conversation started!

Aspirational Aquarius, your people count on your can-do spirit—and ever since Venus parked in Cancer and your sixth house of service on August 7, you’ve been the first one to raise your hand and volunteer. But before you sign up for another good deed, do an internal audit. How does your body feel? What’s actually involved in seeing this commitment through? Venus gets checked by two intense planets this week, facing off in opposition to boundary-hound Saturn on Wednesday, then locking horns with reckless Mars on Friday. What is your energy level, if you’re really being honest with yourself? If supporting others is causing you to sacrifice your own health, hit the brakes! Use this week to recharge your batteries. Take a morning run or spend twenty minutes on your meditation cushion in lotus position before you even look at your phone. And while your life is always busy, cleave some whitespace onto your calendar to explore potential partnerships. With Mars firing up your cooperative third house, this flow is best used for brainstorming WITH other people. What could you produce if you joined forces? Let your imaginations (plural!) share the wheel.

On Saturday, Mercury switches channels, moving out of your secretive eighth house and into your candid ninth until September 27. Get issues on the table ASAP because the sooner you sort them out, the smoother life will be. Approach discussions with an open mind instead of a fixed end point or ultimatum. That’s the key to finding creative solutions. Cupid wings in for an assist on Sunday, so if you want to bring back some love, here’s your chance! That day, amorous Venus parades into loyal, loving Leo and your seventh house of committed relationships. Every kind of dynamic duo is favored during this transit, which is in effect until October 2. Resentment, criticism and even ambivalence could melt under the heat of Venus’ compassionate and sultry beams. You might surprise yourself with your eagerness to sacrifice some dynamic tension for sweet stability and make a budding (or solid) connection official.

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