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While nothing beats exceptional nail art done by nail artists at salons, you can always try and recreate salon-level nail art at home. It may feel impossible to do so, unless you’ve already mastered the skills, but it doesn’t hurt to try! 

If you want to take your at-home manicure to the next level, now’s the perfect time to practice creating nail art designs. You don’t have to do much to make your nails look extra pretty. Instead of going for complicated designs, why not try simpler ones? Here are five minimalist nail art designs that you can try at home:

Image: Pinterest

This nail art design will make your nails look elegant and polished. It’s also the easiest to do! All you need is a nail art brush and a nail polish of your choice. For a very minimalist look, go for white, nude, gray or black nail polish but you can also execute this simple nail art design with vibrant nail polish colors.  

How to create the look: Dip your nail brush or this nail dotting tool into your nail polish and slowly paint a small circle at the center of your nails.


Image: @orly

I’m currently obsessed with this modern and trendy nail design. Creating this nail art does require a little more work and practice than the previous design but you’ll be over the moon once you’re done! 

How to create the look: 

1. If your hands aren’t that steady, opt for some curved nail stickers and apply them just above your cuticles. 

2. Apply nail polish all over the top part of your nails.

3. Remove the sticker. If the result looks messy, don’t sweat just yet! Simply dip a small angled brush in nail polish remover and tidy up the edges of your half-moon. 

4. Apply a second coat of color and you’re all done! 

Optional: If you want a bit of contrast, use two different shades of nail polish; one for the half-moon and another for your base. 


Image: @paintboxnails

Add some bling to your nails with shiny rhinestones. The best part about this nail art design is how effortless it is! Instead of covering your nails with countless rhinestones, add one rhinestone on each nail to make it look extra minimalist. There’s no need to place them on the exact same spot of each nail so feel free to get creative. 

How to create the look: You can either go with bare nails or paint your nails with nude or glitter nail polish before adding the rhinestones. If you choose to paint your nails, make sure to let them dry first before applying the rhinestones. Then, use a pair of tweezers to carefully place the rhinestones on each nail. 


Image: @jinsoonchoi

This minimalist design takes very steady hands and lots of practice. To make your lines extra sleek, use a fine nail brush. There are plenty of variations you can create with this nail design. You can draw a line horizontally or vertically, or even add multiple lines on each nail but when doing this, try and space out your lines and draw finer lines so they don’t look bulky together.

How to create the look: Dip a fine nail brush in a nail polish of your choice and paint a straight line on each nail. Feel free to pick any shade of nail polish, even a bright neon shade, and you’ll still be able to achieve a minimalist look.


Image: @paintboxnails

If you can’t perfect the straight line design, then this wavy nail art is perfect for you. It’s fun and definitely eye-catching! To keep it simple, leave some empty space on each nail so the main focus will be on the waves. Since it’s almost summer, go for vibrant but solid colors like orange, yellow, green or blue to create your waves.

How to create the look: Start from the left top corner of your nail and sweep your nail brush in a downwards motion, creating a curve as you go. Each wave doesn’t have to look identical so you can play around and have fun!  

Don’t forget to always finish off your nail art designs with a layer of top coat to ensure your designs last longer and all that hard work won’t go to waste!

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