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Starter Packs for Your 2020 Persona – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

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Before the year ends, let’s take a moment to see how you coped through it all. Are you the nostalgia addict who combated stress by binge-watching chick flicks and experimenting with 90s makeup looks? Did you become an eternal optimist who constantly bookmarks travel and home decoration inspo? Or are you now a budding Zen master who’s learnt to embrace it all, even maskne?

Explore the other sides of yourself that emerged during this challenging year and expand your style accordingly. Whatever your predilections, these carefully curated starter packs will help you ride out the

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Personal style

A Love Letter to Quarantine From Cazzie David

My Darling Quarantine,

I fell in love with you the moment I first heard your name. I knew it was wrong—I hated myself for loving you, but I couldn’t help myself. I yearn for you: your sweet, sweet stillness, your long hours of the day, your unvarying sense of self. How could I love something so destructive, a by-product of a disease that has brought so much pain and suffering? Alas, I’ve always had terrible taste when it comes to love.

You came at the end of March and ended winter with your warm embrace. You immediately put me at

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