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Winter Skin Tips for All Skin Types – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

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While it’s fun and exciting to get back into sweater weather and enjoy holiday-themed drinks, dealing with dry skin isn’t as fun. Winter skin may be inevitable once the temperature drops. Luckily, there are skin care products that you can rely on to deeply hydrate your skin and keep it soft and smooth.

We’ve curated a list of products that help prevent and treat dry winter skin for different skin types. Keep reading for tips on how to take extra care of your skin amid the cooler weather.

Normal Skin

Those with normal skin may

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Emily in Paris Season 2 News, Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Trailer

It doesn’t take long to realize that Emily in Paris (Lily Collins) has no clue what she’s doing. The Netflix show follows a clueless young American woman who walks into a culture with which she’s made no effort to familiarize herself; when she first meets her downstairs neighbor, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), he tells her he’s from Normandy, and this woman straight-up says, “Oh, I know that beach; Saving Private Ryan, right?” Do you really want French people thinking you’re an ignorant American who gets her country’s history from a 1998 Tom Hanks movie? Maybe check in with yourself before

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