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Cover All Your Skin Care Bases with vanav UP6 – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

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The YesStyle Beauty Lab

As a beauty-device novice, I’m thrilled to try vanav’s compact and powerful galvanic-ion facial massager the UP6, a six-in-one machine that aims to provide total care for various skin concerns through harnessing the power of microcurrents. The device is designed to deliver more effective cleansing, lifting, brightening and moisturization and claims to reduce signs of early aging. While the science behind it sounds complicated (especially for someone who failed high-school chemistry repeatedly), it boils down to this: the microcurrents emitted by the device deliver galvanic ions, or positively-charged ions, that drive ingredients in your

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Personal style

Cristina Cuomo on COVID-19, Meeting Chris Cuomo, and That Bleach Bath

Celeste Sloman

While other New Yorkers spent their summers in a state of cautious misery, strapping on face masks and judiciously avoiding fellow pedestrians like they were living in a never-ending game of “Frogger,” Cristina Cuomo was enjoying the kind of carefree season that most non-immunized mortals could only experience by scrolling through old photos. The day before Fourth of July, I found her swanning about her minimalist East Hampton rental home in a white linen jumpsuit with impunity, greeting her kids’ friends and generally socializing with ease. It’s here that she quarantined since late March with her husband Chris,

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