19 Stylish Summer Tops That Are on Sale

Usually, by this point in the year, I’ve steadily bought much of what I’ll be wearing for the entirety of summer. That’s not the case this year. Instead of stocking up on summer dresses, tops, and shorts this spring, I was stocking up on sweatpants and slippers. But now that it’s actually warm outside (and all anyone sees these days is my top half), I’m switching to shopping for summer tops.

As you’ve probably noticed, many retailers are running major sales right now to boost sales during these challenging times. I scrolled through hundreds of them, landing on 19 that I just know I’ll wear over and over this summer. And many of them I’d gladly buy even if they weren’t on sale, as they’re already pretty affordable.

Keep scrolling to join me in my new summer shirt shopping (because summer shirts are definitely the best shirts).